Dessert after breakfast? Who does that? We do!

We’re weird parents: we believe our gratitude for food isn’t measured by our happiness with what’s being served. But Sunday mornings, this credo doesn’t strictly apply. We’re celebrating the Sabbath after all, and our party people should enjoy the party food. So, today, when our block potatoes (hashbrowns to some) and sausage casserole were greeted with a mixture of cheers and jeers, I made a strawberry loaf to serve after church.

That’s what we mommies do, and that’s what Mother’s Day honors: our love, care, and understanding of our families. My love is deep enough to outlast TD’s tantrums and wide enough to reach Crusader in college—and it covers all the little people in between. We talked about the meaning of Mother’s Day during our Sunday school lesson on Exodus 20:12:

“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.”

My little people know that giving me flowers and preparing my favorite foods on the second Sunday of May isn’t what it takes to honor me. Honoring me means they express gentleness and solicitude toward each other, act with obedience and respect to us as parents, show deference and consideration in their relationships with others, and most of all, are faithful to and trust in God.

So, “honoring” isn’t just about pleasing. It’s not all flowers, though it is all heart—love is what you do and feel. It’s a well-traveled, two-way street. Today, Central Church of God honored Pastor Livingston and his forty years as their shepherd. Just as we mothers work to teach our little people about God’s Word and model the love of Christ within our family circle, he has led and loved his church family. Starting with beautiful music, service was like a big Mother’s Day breakfast in bed, without the pajamas.

Have you felt honored as a mother, not just today but every day? Have you honored your family, circle of friends, and community? More important, do you honor God in all that you say and do—remember, this might be a mommy’s special day, but every day belongs to Him. If you haven’t made time for Jesus today, invite Him in now and give Him a healthy helping of your heart. And unlike my little people, He’ll be happy with whatever you serve.

Blessings on your meal!

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