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Though we’ve lived up and down the East Coast, Hubby and I sprouted from Southern soil and will always be rooted in North Carolina. The South flavors our faith, our family, and my fiction—not to mention my food.

Since I started my editorial career more than twenty years ago, we’ve added seven not-so little people to our happy homeschooling family. (Strangely enough, we’ve also had seven different dogs over our twenty-five year marriage span…but that’s another story altogether.) Our poodle, Oscar, is a favorite with each and every lap he snuggles in, and he’s here to stay. In those few minutes a day when I’m not teaching, fussing about the shoes on the stairs, or cooking, you’ll find me cuddled up with Hubby, reading, playing the piano, or laughing at or with one of the little people, because that’s just how God wired me. He also designed me in such a way that I get cranky when I don’t eat the right things or if I don’t find time to write. So, one of my favorite—and much-needed—activities is stealing away with my laptop (and a snack) and retreating to the world of Spring Hope or writing about how God has encouraged me in some unusual way.

Basically, I am Jesus centered, family focused. My Lord and Savior is why I “live and move and have [my] being.” (Acts 17:28) I know He has an eye and a purpose in each leaf that drifts to the ground, in every tear that courses my cheek, in all the twists and turns of our whirlwind adventure through life. And we have raised and taught our family based on His trusted Word.

If you want a taste of my world, tiptoe through “Mommy, Concentrated.” You can read about Crusader, Songbird, Think Tank, Maven, Lone Ranger, Brown Sugar, TD, and my sweetest Hubby. Contact me if you want to find out more, or sign up for my newsletter.



Jesus Centered, Family Focused

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