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Hey there, I’m Robin W. Pearson, and I pour everything I learn about love and family as a wife and homeschooling mama of many into my writing. This includes my novels and my devotionals here and the one on the Life Bible app. My contemporary Christian fiction comes with a Southern drawl—my Christy Award-winning A Long Time Comin’, as well as ’Til I Want No More, Walking in Tall Weeds, and my recent release, Dysfunction Junction. In my latest novel…

Three women receive an unexpected phone call, and it leaves them reeling. It forces them to reckon with a lifetime of memories they’ve long tried to bury and forgive what they’ve refused to face head on. What will they choose at this crucial junction in their lives?

At a Crossroads: In Faith or In Fashion?

Actually, we make all kinds of choices every day, and the smallest may say the most about us. One decision I don’t have to stew over is my jewelry selection.The little people know when I come strolling from my bedroom in my pajamas, wearing my wedding band, a pair of earrings, and my necklace, that their mama is dressed for the day, from my purple head scarf to my Nike slides.

As far as my wedding band, I rarely leave the house without it; I’ve even turned the car around to retrieve it. Since I usually travel with most of, if not all, my peeps, it’s fairly safe to say they’re all I need to exude serious “You can’t handle the truth” vibes. Still, I consider my ring the whipped cream atop a seven-scoops-of-ice cream sundae.

But there’s one article I consider more than jewelry, more than adornment, an announcement, or an accessory; it’s an affirmation. The gold cross pendant on my chest testifies to what Jesus carried for me and the faith I carry daily. It was a precious gift I wore without fail…until it just up and disappeared one day.

I turned this house upside down, looking for it. I called every hotel I’d visited and quizzed nearly everyone from the UPS guy to my dog Oscar, hoping they’d seen it. You could say I ripped a page from Tommy Lee Jones’s handbook from The Fugitive. Nothing. Finally, seeing how distraught I was, Songbird gave me her own necklace to wear, a cross of sterling silver. Sad yet grateful, I thought, “Otherwise, how will people know I’m a believer?”

It’s as if I heard Jesus whisper, “How? By your love.” Well, if that ain’t the truth…and the Way and the Life.

Somehow, someway, those few ounces of gold had weighed me down. Yet, Jesus’ sacrifice was meant to make my load lighter. In John 13:35, the Lord said, “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” (John 13:35) That means folks should see Him in the way I treat the least and the lost, feel Him when I reach out in forgiveness, and hear Him through my characters’ voices in my novels.

As I stood at that spiritual crossroads, I decided that it’s okay to love wearing my bright, shiny pendant—along with my studs and my wedding ring. They all say something about what’s important to me. But that cross can’t compare to the wooden one He bore for me. It says that I was—and am—so very precious to Him. And the proof of that love beats within my chest. Not on it.

“As for me, may I never boast about anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Because of that cross, my interest in this world has been crucified, and the world’s interest in me has also died….What counts is whether we have been transformed into a new creation.” (Galatians 6:14, 15)

But wait! Before you go, I’m offering three books to three entrants—one signed copy of my first three novels (USA only) or an e-book for international winners, your choice. Here’s the link to enter: Robin’s Extra Giveaway. It runs through March 21 at 12 AM, and I’ll announce the winner March 22. It’s super-duper easy to enter and earn additional points. Plus, you can sign up for my newsletter and learn about other giveaways, books, and information about my family and author life.


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