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This Oven Is Toast!

I believe people can be divided into two groups: Toaster Oven Users and Toaster Users. I love my toaster—or should I say, loved. Until it met with Songbird and the Incident Which Shall Never Be Mentioned. So, upon its unfortunate, untimely, and rather fiery demise we...

Good Intentions

“I wish you would…” I think every Southern mama knows what that phrase means. As a child I remember hearing, “I wish you would roll your eyes” or “…say another word” or “…walk out that door” or “I wish I would let you go to that party.” We all knew exactly what she...

His Size Fits All

It’s hard to believe it’s time to kill the poinsettias again. It seems like just yesterday I was throwing out my four pots full of crackly red petals and crunchy green leaves. My blackened thumb and I torture poinsettias yearly. Watching these tropical beauties die...

Saved and Sound

I was lost. I searched everywhere. Maybe the real me was thinner, wore contacts, painted her face, and got her hair done regularly. But when I presented this missing persons photo to others they replied, “Nope, I’ve never seen her before. The woman we know...

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