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Saved and Sound

I was lost. I searched everywhere. Maybe the real me was thinner, wore contacts, painted her face, and got her hair done regularly. But when I presented this missing persons photo to others they replied, “Nope, I’ve never seen her before. The woman we know...

Poop in the Water

Hubby and I decided to celebrate Brown Sugar’s birthday at an indoor water park. We were all having fun, floating around in the lazy river, when Think Tank’s shout brought all good things to an end. “Mom! I saw poop! There’s poop in the water!” My fellow germaphobe...

Ties That Bind

If this whole homeschooling mom thing doesn’t pan out, I think I’ll take up hostage negotiation. Or maybe I’ll use this on-the-job training to join the Special Forces or Navy Seals. Anything has got to be easier than raising girls. When Maven and the Lone Ranger were...

Within Reach

Within Reach In my house, English is definitely a second language (unless yelling counts). I talk with my touch—clasping Maven’s shoulder to bolster, encourage, or restrain; squeezing the Lone Ranger’s hand to emphasize a point; snuggling Brown Sugar to comfort,...

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Mommy, Concentrated
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