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Baby Talk

I love the breakfast table. It has a totally different feel than the same room, nine hours later. At that time of day, I have the energy to keep M&M from crawling across the table to snatch Brown Sugar’s sausage. My coffee’s still hot, the cup’s still full. Watching the little people trickle downstairs (later and later as the mornings get chillier and chillier), hearing them wheel and deal over the last blueberry muffin, and whining about the math onslaught to come make me smile. We can stave off the world for an extra 45 minutes or so, reviewing our daily Proverb and doing Bible study. While dinner is where we recover from the day, breakfast is where we kiss it, “Hello!” While we were manning our usual positions the other morning, eating our curds and whey—okay, it was more like grits, bacon, and eggs—we chatted about future happenings like college, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, vacations, afternoon playdates, upcoming birthdays, and dinner. Then Maven shared her plan for the future: “I want to go to sleep and wake up in heaven.” All quiet on the Pearson front. Even Oscar, who shouldn’t be in the dining room, perked up his furry little ears. I knew our passionate, fervent little one meant it. And not one day, like we all do, after we reached a particular age, after having a passel of children and grandchildren, after being president of this company, or achieving that goal here on earth. No, Maven meant she wanted to go to sleep that night and wake up gazing in Jesus’ face. Hearing these words more than pulled the heartstrings. It twisted...

The Great Debaters

Songbird is my reigning Queen of Debate. She’s a history, law, and politics buff, and she truly knows her stuff. But that doesn’t stop Hubby and me from going toe to toe with her. Sometimes it’s frustrating when she won’t concede or agree with us on certain issues, but often she wows us with her tenacity and skill. Not only does she prove a worthy sparring partner in the debate ring, she shows she’ll hold on to her ideals, opinions, and values, and when she’s confronted, stay true to herself. But “wow” isn’t always a factor. Everything’s not debatable. When it comes down to it, “Don’t try to figure out what I mean. Just do what I say” rules the day. It doesn’t sound pretty in a world where everybody deserves to be happy and to parents who care how their children feel, but I’m just trying to finish this race well, not winning best speaker. That means ensuring my little people are running right beside me. They need to know the value of obedience and trust. Of being more a hearer and a doer, and less a whiner and debater. Of knowing when to say “Yes, sir” and save the questions and backtalk for another time. In case you wondered, I’m singing alto in that choir I’m preaching to. And yes, I’ve sung this song before, but it’s time for an encore performance. Basically, I hear God, but I want to talk about it first; explain my side of the story; give my reasons why I can’t, shouldn’t, and won’t. But unlike me, God isn’t wowed. What I call tenacity is...

Dotting Every “i”

My little people know all about my penchant for pointing out important things like missing commas, double negatives, redundancy, and the oft-misused “I/me” in both the written and spoken word. I’m glad to crawl out from under my rock to discuss all things book and writing related. When you cut me, my blood flows red—not just because of the interaction between oxygen and iron, but from the abundance of red flowing from my pencil. I think I’m drawn to writing because it’s something I think I can control and that’s why I’m so frustrated by the rejection (but that’s a subject for another time). Today was no different—until it was. I had just spent almost thirty minutes talking about writing and the publishing industry with a young woman, a self-professed atheist, who I see from time to time. I encouraged this young poet, advising her how to apply for copyright protection, looking up writing contests for her to submit to, volunteering to edit her work, and reading and listening to her verses, when the Lord nudged me. “What about Me? You should talk to her about Me. Trying to set a good example is not enough.” “But…but I don’t want to offend her. I don’t know how to bring that up. I’m not sure about the right way to initiate that conversation and I don’t want to turn her off with my ineptitude.” (Okay, maybe I didn’t use ineptitude with God, but you get the picture.) He and I engaged in that way for a minute or two before I simply got up the gumption, swallowed, and said, “Is...

Jesus Took the Wheel

Do you think it’s possible to take both your common sense and your navigation program along for the ride? Sometimes, I wonder. Saturday night we packed up everybody and then some for a family movie night in the park. We had to take two cars because of the extra little people with us, so armed with my trusty Maps app and a truck filled with the nine-years-old-and-younger group, I led the way. Forty-five minutes and sixteen miles later… Now, only God knew where we were headed—and I mean that literally, because basically all I had was the name of the park. But after pressing a few buttons—voila!—I had an address and several routes to choose from. I opted for the shortest distance and rejected the shortest time, figuring I could make up minutes on the back roads and avoid possible traffic on the busier ones. Well, after almost an hour on the twisty-turniest route possible I was more than a little stressed. For one, Hubby had dubbed me fearless leader and I’d hoped to show off my navigation skills. Secondly, I was getting tired of questions like “When are we going to get there?” and “What time did it start?” and “Did we lose Daddy?” Finally, and most important, we were meeting new friends who hadn’t yet been exposed to my love-hate relationship with the clock. I wanted to make a good impression and also give our families time to connect before the movie. Brown Sugar and crew certainly had the right idea with their backseat rendition of “Open the Clouds,” because I definitely needed God to shine down...

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